Only two weeks to go to the book’s launch now, and the excitement (well mine anyway!) is building, as I wait for my copies to arrive. Sandstone Press have today put out a press release which contains these fine words:

“If there was a prize for ‘Most Imaginative and Amusing Title’ this month’s beautiful release, titled as above, would probably take it. Steve Chilton, a dedicated fell runner of many years standing (if standing is the right word) has produced the first and definitive history of his sport. He has delivered a beautiful text, to match his great concept, and added to it a brilliant photo section, tables, records, and interviews with the great runners of past and present …….. [It is] one of the most impressive of all our titles, a ‘must have’ for all fell runners, all runners generally, and all lovers of the Great Outdoors from Ben Nevis to the Lakes and beyond.”

It is possible to pre-order from Amazon, and I understand from the publisher that a good number of copies have been ordered already. Co-incidentally or related I am not too sure, but they have recently reduced the priced even further. Whether this is a good of bad thing for me as an author is a moot point.

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