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Signed copies


Sam Read’s in Grasmere, and Fred Holdsworth’s in Ambleside

This weekend I have been to Fred Holdsworth (Ambleside), Sam Read (Grasmere) and Bookends (Keswick) to sign copies of ‘It’s a hill, get over it’. They will be available to purchase at these three shops until they sell out, so get in there quick if you want one. Many thanks to Sarah, Elaine and Lucy for setting up signings and agreeing to feature the book in their shops.
In general sales are going well. Sandstone Press say that 420 copies (of the 1000 printed) have been ‘sold’ to various book suppliers from the distributor so far. I am hoping that when the reviews start appearing (several are awaited) sales will pickup even more.

Bookends in Keswick

Bookends in Keswick