Another book review and good feedback

westgazettesmallThe 21 November issue of the Westmorland Gazette carried a good review by Mike Addison, which concluded that “it is a very informative read that will inspire those that read it to get out there”.

See the full review on the Reviews page (or by clicking the image).

Not a review as such, but some great feedback (slightly condensed) from a clubmate who has just finished reading the book:

“Finished your book just now and really enjoyed it. I will admit to putting it down for a month or so as some of the first chapters on the early history of the sport were probably more for people with [a greater] knowledge of the sport. I loved the interviews, especially Boff and Rob Jebb who seemed more open about their love of the sport than some of the real greats. My favourite bits were the introductions to each interview where a starstruck Steve tries to conceal his excitement amid some mundanities of what he was up to that weekend. This is where your voice comes through best, more so than the personal stories where I felt you sometimes underplayed your own experiences (perhaps understandably given the achievements of the other characters). It’s obvious that you enjoyed writing it. You should be proud of a book which is both an authoritative history on the subject and an enjoyable read.”

It is actually difficult to get genuine comments from close friends so I appreciate the honesty shown here, and the trouble taken to given me that feedback.

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