First print run sold out, reprint of 1000

Alarm ensued when the message below appeared on the Amazon website. soldout

But behind it was exceptionally good news. It meant that the first print run of 1000 copies had been ‘shifted’ (as I believe the term is in retail). Swift work from Sandstone Press set in train a reprint of another 1,000 (as noted in their FB announcement below). I am still basking in a glow of satisfaction at that sales milestone.

newstockSo if you have been trying to obtain a copy then look again as retail outlets should have them in stock again as soon as they get out through the distribution system. Although I am glad Amazon is there, I would remind you that the book trade is more than just them. Just on price alone other online suppliers sometimes come in cheaper. But more importantly, I encourage you to purchase from ‘real’ bookshops. The larger Waterstones shops are stocking ‘It’s a hill’  and Sandstone posted this great picture of it sharing space with Mo Farah in the ‘Great Gifts’ section of Sheffield Waterstones recently.

greatgifts It was Small Business Saturday last weekend, which I hope you supported. Independent bookshops are an important part of the book trade, especially for smaller publisher and author combinations. I am again pleased to say that the book is available through many such shops. Just in the Lakes I am aware that Fred Holdsworth (Ambleside), Bookends (Keswick), and Sam Read (Grasmere) are stocking it. I had a message from John at Sam Read the other day saying he was waiting for re-supply and that he had already sold 20 copies. [Update: just noticed that Stanfords (Covent Garden) have copies on their shelves too]

Advance notice: I am starting to confirm speaking dates for the spring. The first is a Slide Supper gig at Wilf’s Cafe (Staveley), which is set for Thu 20 March. More details of this and other talks/signings will appear here and on the Events page of this blog.

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