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Wilfs, Carnethy and onwards

_DSC2454WILFS: The first two of the book talks took place last weekend in the Lakes and in Scotland. On Thursday evening I talked at Wilfs in Staveley as part of their slide/supper series. The talk went well and sold a few books, and I signed a whole load more for people who had already bought it. A lot of good banter before and after – I remember talking to athletes from Ambleside, Helm Hill, Coniston, and even Bowland. Two minor coincidences occurred regarding the slides I included. Firstly, I included an image from Jim Mann’s recent magnificent winter BGR in 18 hrs 18 mins, showing 2 of his pacers – one of whom was at the talk and recognised themselves from their bright duvet. Secondly, there was another slide of two runners who had strayed off route and were scrambling over some crags, and one of those two was in attendance as well. Small world. I have a video of some of the talk and am currently considering whether the quality (the room was dark) is OK to edit down to a sampler.

carnethytalkCARNETHY: On the Friday I drove up to Edinburgh to give a talk at a Carnethy Hill Running Club social evening, in Kings Building, Edinburgh University. A good crowd, with some friendly heckling, so guess it went pretty well too. Having left my script/prompts back in the Lakes I was forced to respond to the images, which probably resulted in a more natural delivery. I feel pretty confident with the material and the story I am trying to tell. Still some refinement for the later talks though I reckon. I have just received some nice feedback on the talk from Bob Johnston, and the Carnethy website carries his report of the event.

waterstonesdisplayONWARDS: I combined the events with visits to friends in Stirling and the Lake District, having fantastic walks at both locations. Whilst in the Lakes, I went in to Waterstones in Kendal and found the book prominently displayed with other running books. In discussion with the shop’s manager we agreed a possible talk here later in the year. On the Sunday I also slipped in to Sam Read’s and Fred Holdsworth’s shops and signed all the stock they had in of the book, so you can always pick up a copy there. The biggest disappointment, however, was to come back to find the latest Fellrunner magazine had been delivered at home and to find it has STILL not been reviewed there, despite a copy being provided by the publisher when the book was published.

ShAFF-Logo_2012MOVING ON: I am doing 2 further book talks in less than 2 weeks now at Altrincham AC (Fri 4 Apr) and Sheffield (Sun 6 Apr). The book will be available at both events, and can be purchased through the ShAFF Bookstore [click ShaFF Books link]. Online stores should also have restocked now, as the 2nd reprint is with the distributors.

Selling, buying, telling

Waterstones_shelfI was very pleased to hear this week how well the book is selling. Sandstone Press tell me nearly all the second print run of 1,000 have left the warehouse, and are out with bookshops and online sellers. A third print run of 1,000 hardbacks is now being produced. So, there should be plenty of copies available.

Good to see that book chains like Waterstones are stocking it. The picture above was taken last week in Waterstones in North Finchley. Not a bad place to be – in between Mo Farah and Ray Mears! Remember there are many different sources – Lakes’ independents shops like Fred Holdsworth, Sam Read and Bookends all stock it. The Book Depository, Outside, Play and Wordery all sell it online, as of course do Amazon.

Climbing to Shelobs LairBut best of all if you are an active fellrunner is the new shop, Third Step Books. They are “dedicated to offering the widest range of books on Fell Running, Mountaineering, Polar Exploration and all things cold, high or muddy; our aim is to bring together the best of the New, the Lost and Forgotten, as well as the Rare and Collectable.” But even better is that they “are available to provide a stall at races across the North of England.  Providing a mix of the latest books with bargain classics, we have the right mix for your field. If you would like a specific book bringing to an event from our online offer, just let us know.” Check them out on the web and Facebook. Their Facebook page has a great pic of the stall at the Flower Scar race last week, with ‘It’s a hill’ prominently displayed. I hope you will support this great new book-selling enterprise (which I have no connection with).

Finally, a reminder that you will be able to get signed copies of the book at the various talks I am doing this month and next. See the Events page for further details of the events in the Lakes, Edinburgh, Altrincham and Sheffield.