More reviews: Outdoor Times, Trail Running, Active Outdoors

OTblogreviewTony O’Donnell’s Outdoor Times blog aspires to be a place for engaging writing and striking imagery that celebrates all aspects of the Great Outdoors. I was really pleased to see a longish and well-considered review of ‘It’s a hill’ appeared recently on there, especially as it is written by fellow author and runner Heather Dawe. She concluded by saying “I learned much from reading it and I think it’s a book that many fell runners will really enjoy.” The full review makes interesting reading.

trailrunningreviewEarlier, Trail Running magazine carried a note about the book on its Gear page. Any mention gets it noticed by a few more people. Trail Running certainly carries some interesting coverage: including pieces on Billy Bland, Joss Naylor and Killian Jornet recently. Sampler.

ActiveoutdoorsthumbThe Spring/Summer issue of Active Outdoors carried a full column review which had a very Scotland-centric perspective but the reviewer “learned something of these ordinary people who have done extraordinary things”. Click the image for the full review.

Finally, another 5 star review has been added to the book’s Amazon page that comments: “this is a truly motivational read!”. Now that I DO like.

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