‘It’s a start, get on with it’ – two new projects

splashmapsTwo new projects have just got off the ground (hopefully). First, the latest edition of Trail Running Magazine came out, and it carried a note about a new Splashmap for the Bob Graham Round. This is a project that has been mooted between myself and David Overton at splash-maps.com, that I sincerely hope will come to fruition. Need to get on with costing, designing and working on the artwork. The same edition of the magazine carried a series of pieces on Billy Bland and the Bob Graham Round, which included some data from me on the timeline for the BGR and comparisons with the other big rounds – the Ramsay, Buckley, Baxter and Wicklow rounds.

Secondly, I have been researching ideas, data, and sources for a second book. Having recorded in-depth interviews with the two most significant individuals (and setup a whole series more interviews), I have just started the task of writing the manuscript. At one point I thought I would approach this manuscript differently to my first one. I actually thought I might collect all my thoughts and then write the text in the order of the proposed chapters. Well, that has gone by the by – partly through impatience, and partly because an intangible muse ‘made me’ start writing. I had one almost sleepless night, mulling over: how to best structure the narrative, how to lead in, some half-formed chapter run-ins, and backgrounders to the interviews. I just HAD to get some of it out of my system. A productive 2,000 word Sunday was the result. And no, it wasn’t the Chapter 1 that I worked on.

Meanwhile, there is still some unfinished business with ‘It’s a hill, get over it’. There is preparation to do for the eventual move to paperback. Yesterday I was sent the draft of a review that will be out in Compass Sport (‘Britain’s National Orienteering Magazine’) in the next 10 days or so. I had known it was a possibility ages ago, but had almost given up hope. But it is worth it, as I hope the summary ….. a fine choice for any runners’ library will lead a few more to make a purchase. So, that just leaves the Fellrunner (‘Magazine of the Fell Runners Association’) as the one important outlet not to carry information about the book or a review. On past form I wonder if they ever will. There is one due soon, so I live in hope.

Finally, there is the excitement next week of the Lakeland Book of the Year awards ‘do’ to attend, as a short-listed author.

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