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My second book’s manuscript is now with the publisher

This blog was started to give me a space me to write things around my first published book. This was It’s a hill, get over it, which was published by Sandstone Press in September 2013. It received some pretty good reviews, and I was deeply chuffed when it won the Bill Rollison Prize for Landscape and Tradition, and even more so to be nominated for the Boardman Tasker Prize for mountain literature. The book is still selling pretty well through Waterstones, Amazon and other sources, and signed copies can be obtained directly from me – in both hard and softback versions. But now it is time to move on, as I have been working on a second book for the last year or so.

The Round sample 6So, today I submitted the manuscript to Sandstone. The book is entitled The Round, in Bob Graham’s footsteps. The Round is not only a history of the Bob Graham Round, but also an exploration of the what, why and how of this classic fell endurance challenge. After covering the genesis of the BGR in detail, it documents its development from a more-or-less idle challenge to its present status as a rite of passage for endurance runners. Interspersed with this detail of the round are extensive profiles of many of the event’s most significant individuals: innovators, record setters, recorders and supporters.

I now have to wait patiently for the editing, typesetting, printing, binding and distribution to be set up. It is scheduled for launch – in hardback and kindle formats – on 17 Sept 2015. I am hoping that the launch will take place in the Moot Hall, Keswick, the start and finish point of the round. At a later date I will post details for pre-ordering, a sample from the book, the launch details and more. Watch this space.