Second launch event details

invite2There will be second launch event on Wed 23 September. Come and hear some stories about the Bob Graham Round – the early days, about Bob Graham, the fast men and women, and the innovators.

This is FREE and will be held in the Grove Building, Middlesex University The Burroughs, Hendon NW4 4BT, from 6-7pm. In order to cater it would be good if you would RSVP to:

If you are not able to make either of the launch events you will be able to buy signed copies of the book at Bookends, Sam Read’s and Fred Holdsworth’s. It is also available online from Waterstones and Amazon (where the Kindle version can be downloaded).

The Book: The Round is not only a history of the Bob Graham Round, but also an exploration of the what, why and how of this classic fell endurance challenge. After covering the genesis of the BGR in detail, it documents its development from a more-or-less idle challenge to its present status as a rite of passage for endurance runners. Interspersed with this detail of the round are extensive profiles of many of the event’s significant individuals: innovators, record setters, recorders and supporters.

TrailRunningarticleTo get a feel for it you can read an extract (about Bob Graham, the man), which is available in the current edition of Trail Running Magazine, grandly entitled ‘The 24 hours that changed running history’ (p58-61).

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