Good reviews of ‘The Round’ in Fellrunner and Compass Sport

FellrunnerreviewGreat to see The Fellrunner give a full page for a review (by Jonathan Bale) of ‘The Round: in Bob Graham’s footsteps’ in the Autumn 2015 issue. You can read the full review by clicking on the image, but I will just quote twice from it here:

“The author has earnestly researched the topic from an array of valuable sources, some readily accessible, some esoteric, resulting in a book that combines his narrative interspersed with existing reports and enlightening interviews with noteworthy participants in the sport.”

“The author has completed a very worthy edition to add to the published fell running category in your library ….. I enjoyed the book as a historical reference, a source of wry amusement, a reminder of yesteryear whilst encapsulating the spirit of long distance fell running challenges in the Lake District. I am sure many will do likewise.”

Compass Sport carries a review (by Duncan Archer) which emphasises the fact that I went out of my way: “…. to interview those making and helping the pivotal attempts in the BGR’s history, to get first hand stories. This includes a rare interview with Billy Bland, the current record holder ….. the book finishes acknowledging ‘the unsung heroes’ who facilitate many attempts: the pacers, navigators and supporters.”

The review concludes that: “this is an interesting and informative read, and makes a valuable contribution in the fell running library.” [Click the image below to read the full review.]


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One response to “Good reviews of ‘The Round’ in Fellrunner and Compass Sport”

  1. elissalynch says :

    I like your review style, Steve. Very authentic :). Would love to feature your reviews in our weekly curated email digest that goes out to thousands of people.

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