Random update: reviews, sales, link to an altitude training blog

Two great reviews of ‘The Round’ have recently appeared on the Amazon page for my book. It is always nice to hear of readers enjoying something you have put a lot of yourself into writing.

One goes (in part): “What makes Steve Chilton’s book stand out is the numerous first person accounts from runners, as well as their pacers and supporters: authentic voices, describing real experiences. Either through interviews, or use of diary entries and other contemporaneous accounts, the author builds up a detailed picture of both the landscape and the characters of those who have responded to the challenge it sets. The book’s centrepiece is an exclusive interview with fell running legend Billy Bland, who in 1982 completed the BGR in 13 hours and 53 minutes – a record no-one else has yet come close to. This and other interviews make this book an essential document in the history of the BGR in particular, and endurance challenges in general.”

The second includes: “I’d been looking forward to The Round with great anticipation. In every way, it exceeded my expectations. Further to his first book ‘It’s a Hill’, Steve Chilton has yet again managed to describe with intrigue and passion the rich history of a fascinating and unique facet of fell running. Yet also, and importantly, The Round takes you on a journey, deep into the minds of those brave enough to attempt, or even simply involve themselves in, the Bob Graham Round. It is this clever first hand narrative throughout the book that drew me in, leaving me inspired.”

The Round front coverIts-a-hill-get-over-it-FRONTSomeone asked me the other day how the second book has gone compared to the first. It is not easy to say, and my gut feeling was perhaps that it hadn’t gone as well. I have just got the first sales statement from the publisher which possibly counters this guesswork. In the period from book launch in mid-Sept to 31 Oct the sales of ‘The Round’ have been just over a third more than those that were achieved by ‘It’s a hill, get over it’ in the exact same period after its launch in 2013. The task is now to keep up some momentum. What I have noticed this time around is that I have achieved less reviews for book II than book I. I have also not had a series of book talks to back up the launch this time. So, I feel there is a task to be done to get ‘The Round’ out there and noticed by more potential readers.

dankarenattrack2As a diversion to all this I have been recently encouraging a friend to blog about her own athletic experiences. It is based on a first trip to train at altitude, in this case at the Lornah Kiplagat HATC in Iten (Kenya). The trip is along with another Barnet & District AC clubmate, and they are both hoping for good times at the London Marathon. As someone who is working with both of them I will now frighten them by putting it on record that I am confidant that if they both run well they can break the respective female and male Club Records. I really would encourage you to drop by the On track. On tour blog to read how the training has gone and to hear some light-hearted stories about mixing with the GB internationals and ‘training with the Kenyans’.

Footnote: if anyone goes to Amazon to purchase ‘It’s a hill, get over it’, they haven’t got paperback copies of it any more. Other shops and online suppliers may still have them. I have copies myself and they can be purchased direct from me for £6-99 (inc p&p).

Postcript: after writing this note I have just heard that Sandstone Press are printing another 1,000 copies of ‘It’s a hill, get over it’, which will be available from end of month. The above offer still holds though.


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