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….. and in further book news


The July to December 2016 Sandstone Press catalogue has a nice double page spread of ‘The Round’ and ‘Its a hill’, to announce that the paperback of the former is to be released this November. I am thinking about the launch possibilities at the moment.

It is very pleasing that ‘The Round’ has been nominated for the Boardman Tasker Prize (for Mountain Literature), and even more so that it has been short-listed for the Lakeland Book of the Year award. Bob Davidson, my editor at Sandstone had this to say about the latter:

‘Now over the course of two books, The Round and its predecessor, It’s a Hill, Get Over It, Steve Chilton has been recording and illuminating the history of one of Britain’s least known but most demanding sports, fellrunning. Packed with obsessed and eccentric characters, characterised by amateurism in its purest and noblest form, this uniquely British activity is now developing its own, equally unique, literature and Steve Chilton is its principal bard and chronicler. The sport is fortunate to have its narrative in such hands. In 2017 there will be a third title which will make a perfect long narrative from the wider history to the most specific and personal, but this present time is the time of The Round. It’s a book among a sequence of books that Sandstone Press is proud to leave to posterity.’

The manuscript for that third title is now almost complete, with final re-writing, checking by contributors, viewing by a critical friend, and final tightening up to go before submitting it to the publisher. The title is about to be confirmed and the cover design commissioned, so I am at that busy but exciting stage in the process.


John Wild and Kenny Stuart

It is about these two guys, telling their stories before, during and after the momentous 1983 season when they went hammer and tongs against each other in the Fell Running Champs. Having had overwhelming co-operation from the main subjects, and also conducted cracking interviews with some of the main players – such as Joss Naylor, Billy Bland, Malcolm Patterson, Jack Maitland and Hugh Symonds – I think you may like it.