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Extra chapter in ‘The Round’

When the paperback version of The Round: in Bob Graham’s footsteps comes out (in mid-January) it will have an extra chapter, which covers three amazing rounds that took place in 2016. They were by Jasmin Paris, Nicky Spinks and Rob Jebb. The image below is of the start of the chapter, which covers each one in detail, and reflects on the impact of these phenomenal achievements.

postscriptI understand that from the date of the publication of the paperback (19 Jan 2016) the Kindle version will also have the extra chapter included. Not only that, but I gather that ‘new buyers receive the updated edition and those who have bought previously will receive a notification that a new version is available to them, and it can be downloaded at no extra cost.’

After chatting with him, I have also written an extended account of Rob Jebb’s BGR (the second fastest ever), which will appear in the winter issue of The Fellrunner (with some excellent photos from the round by Rachel Pitt).