In the Peak District in the snow

IMG-20180120-WA0002It was great to spend time with the family in the Peak District last weekend, and take our Ordnance Survey maps out for a wander. We had a fabulous house booked in Hope for the weekend and planned to do some walking and climbing if possible, as well as just enjoying quality time together. There was snow on the tops and it was cold, so bouldering wasn’t a good option, and we set out to get some snow walking in on the first day.

20180120_113051Coming up to Thornhill Brink there was snow on the ground and then suddenly in the air. Trundling on to Win Hill there was almost a whiteout, and a fun scramble through the iced rocks to Winhill Pike.

20180120_112648To make a circuit we headed down in deep snow towards Yorkshire Bridge and then along Thornhill Carrs, with Bamford Edge now appearing through the misty clouds.

20180120_115653Heading down towards Aston we had marvellous views of the delightfully named Shatton Moor, before heading down and home.


IMG-20180121-WA0009On the Sunday there was more snow and, with two youngsters in carriers with us, we did a low level circuit to Castleton and back, out via the path alongside Peakshole Water and back via the paths behind Losehill Hall. Great walking, muddy in parts and no views to speak off. I had seen that there was an event in Castleton that day and wondered if we would see any competitors from Round 4 of Peak Raid 2017. It is a four hour score orienteering event, and we saw just one entrant coming in to Castleton. He seemed happy enough about his lot.

Two great walks, which have just got me thinking excitedly about our next trip, which is for 5 days to the Lakes at half term. Included in this trip is the unique ‘Conversation with Billy Bland’ event on Friday 9th Feb in Keswick, for which tickets are selling fast (but still available as I write).

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