Ultra. Impressed.

I have always have a high regard for endurance runners, but a couple of things recently have seriously increased my respect for those that ‘run far’.

Firstly, I was working with ultra runner Damian Hall at a speaking event the other day, introducing him and compering the Q&A session.

img_20190110_222906I knew a little of his background already, as he had reached a career high 5th place in the tough Ultimate Tour de Mont Blanc in the summer, and I had been dot-watching as he and Beth Pascall set the FKT (Fastest Known Time) on the 230 mile Cape Wrath Trail this winter. But what really impressed me was his account of what life entails for an ultra runner training for this high level of performance. His talk modestly, and humorously, highlighted the problems of fitting in the training hours, juggling a domestic life, and keeping motivated and suitably energised with sufficient good calories on ultra events. Although I am not sure I will be recommending his top food choice of peanut butter and balsamic vinegar to any athletes I am working with! This was just one of the obsessions he was prepared to admit to. In a previous interview Damian had this to say about another of his obsessions:

I used to be obsessed with the Spine Race, but UTMB replaced it. Every year I think doing it one more time may help me get over it, but it doesn’t work. It’s just the biggest and best race ever. I can’t bring myself to tell anyone how often I think about it, or watch videos about it. It is not healthy behaviour.

His talk encompassed some good advice for aspirant ultra runners, and more can be found on the web, including: Damian Hall’s UTMB Kit List & Secrets To Success.

Secondly there has been the simply awesome achievement of Jasmin Paris in winning the Spine Race outright, in a new record time.

jasminfinishingA lot has been made in the media of her being a woman, and of her expressing milk at checkpoints as her young daughter is still being weaned. But to me there are other aspects to the performance that should be lauded first. One is her mental commitment. She admitted in one interview that she had shortened her stop at early checkpoint (where she could get food on board, and sort clothing, before re-charging herself for the next stage) in order to get out in front of a main rival who was there at the same time. Later her self-imposed sleep deprivation regime (she had just 7 hours of ‘down-time’, including her feed stops in the 83 hours 12 minutes of the event) began to catch up with her a bit and she:

kept seeing animals appearing out of every rock …. and I kept forgetting what I was doing out there.

Jasmin rightfully received massive media coverage for the achievement, including being on Breakfast TV and Woman’s Hour (and being tweeted about by Chelsea Clinton). But the best reporting was by Sean Ingle in the Guardian, who reckoned that ‘Jasmin Paris’s feat of endurance was a welcome antidote to modern sport’.

Jasmin Paris has a mightily impressive list of achievements, including holding female records for all three major UK rounds (and fastest overall for the Ramsay Round), in 2016 won the Skyrunning World Champs, and was 2018 British Fell Running Champion. I wrote a blog about her Bob Graham Round record performance (with a downloadable article from The Fellrunner about her linked to it) at: Peak performance – Jasmin Paris’ new Bob Graham record.

The Round front coverThere is also an extended piece about this, and Nicky Spinks’ double Bob Graham Round, in my book The Round: in Bob Graham’s footsteps.

NOTE: if you want more on ultra running, you might look out Adharanand Finn’s new book The Rise of the Ultra Runners, which comes out in May 2019, and has more on Damian Hall and other top ultra runners.

CREDIT: two photos inov-8.com

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