“I don’t much like the limelight”


The second part of my profile of Colin Donnelly appeared in the Summer/Autumn issue of The Fellrunner [with the first part in the Spring issue]. I would normally make available a downloadable PDF of the article, as is the author’s right. However, this time I have gone back to my original submission and this is available to read [as a PDF]. This is because there were a couple of issues with the production. Firstly, the new design of the magazine, whilst looking great to look at, is actually hard to read in parts. Secondly, I was not happy* with the way the material appeared after it had been chopped about when making it into the two parts. I fully understand it to be editorial perogative, but in doing so many parts were moved around and merged, which resulted in some bits being left out and some not making sense as the quotes were juxtaposed badly.

* I accept the Editor’s explanation of how this happened, and have happily submitted another piece for publication in the next issue, which is being put together right now.

NB: for another piece on Colin Donnelly’s long-running career, and comment on others with similar longevity, see: Long-running running champs.

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