Writing: some running stuff

didireallywritethatIn this difficult time of covid-19 lockdown folk might be looking for something more to read that is not about the virus and my be more positive or point to good times to come. Listed below are links to some of my writing – on running – mostly blog posts, but sometimes published externally:

The dark art of coaching – ‘Like the Wind’ article [PDF]
Memories [of running days] – ‘Like the Wind’ article [PDF]
Chronic fatigue syndrome – 4 case studies (in Fellrunner) [PDF]
An antidote to life’s worries – some challenges [blog]
Coached or uncoachable – thoughts on training [blog]
Dave Wilcock at the World Indoors – only Gold in Portland [blog]
There is no right way to train for a marathon – thoughts [blog]
Anatomy of a training session – group session breakdown [blog]
The marathon, unrelenting beast – Comm Games and Boston ’18 [blog]
A tale of two marathons – coach’s view of 2 marathons [blog]

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