Book recommendation #3

Owter is a new book service which helps authors get a better return on their book sales. I will be recommending good running and outdoor books via my page on the site.

RiseoftheultrasThe third recommendation is Adharanand Finn’s ‘The Rise of the Ultra Runners’, in which he goes to the heart of the sport to find out if it is an antidote to modern life – and to see if he could become an ultra runner himself. His journey took him from the deserts of Oman to the snow-capped peaks of the Rockies, and on to his ultimate goal, the 105-mile Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc.

When I reviewed it I described it thus:

Much anticipated, as I liked his two previous books – on the Kenyan and Japanese running cultures. It lived up to expectations, giving fascinating background to ultra running, and the author’s initiation into the sport. In some ways he had a similar approach to Richard Askwith and his move into fell running – do it yourself and also speak with some of the best exponents and find our how they do it and cope with the rigours of such a tough sport. A solid five stars.

Why not give it a read?  It can be purchased directly from Owter at:

All three of my running books are also available from the same link (all currently reduced).

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