Billy biography is in paperback

It was great to open the first box of paperback copies of ‘All or nothing at all’ recently. It looks absolutely grand, and will be published on 15th July 2021. I am still hopeful of being able to hold a launch event, but the Covid uncertainty make it very difficult to plan and book anything. I do have two radio appearances booked, so will give more on those on social media nearer the time.

For now, it is available to pre-order. Please use your local independent bookseller, who should be able to arrange a pre-order for you. It is already available to re-order directly from Sam Read Bookseller, with the added bonus of them all being signed copies, by my own hand. The pre-order page is at:

For more information about the book, click the image above (for some cover quotes), or go to my Sandstone Press page.

NB: Hardback copies are likely to be increasingly difficult to get hold of, but a quick check shows several shops and online services still having copies (eg The Big A). I have 5 hardback copies which I am happy to post out (signed if required).

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2 responses to “Billy biography is in paperback”

  1. Joseph Ritson says :

    You should arrange a book signing session one day with Billy on one of the summits around Borrowdale, maybe an easy one like Castle Crag? That would be a real initiative for a Lakeland book and replace having to miss a proper book launch in 2020. It should do well as a paperback

  2. stevechilton says :

    Nice idea Joe. Chance of rain make it a risky one. Am trying to set something up by way of a book launch.

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