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Some thoughts on physiological testing of athletes

A three-page piece I wrote recently about physiological testing of athletes is now available for download [as PDF]. It explains why I ended up not getting an athlete in for lab testing.

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Also available for download (as two PDFs) is a two-part profile of fell running icon Gavin Bland from me that appeared in two issues of the Fellrunner magazine in 2021. Go to my CV page for the link to those.

Gavin Bland was a phenomenal athlete from an early age, but it didn’t always come easy, as this except shows.

In 1993 Gavin Bland became the youngest ever winner of the Three Peaks race in appalling conditions. Gavin says it was his luckiest win ever. ‘We had gone around the course a fortnight before, three of us – me, Scoffer and Bob Whitfield. I was absolutely knackered and hanging on. I thought, “what am I doing this for?”.