Occasionally I will provide some resources via the blog, either from the book or from the work around it.

threebooks2All three of my running books are available to purchase directly at: It is a new service which helps authors get a better return on their book sales. Why not give it a try?
I will also be recommending other good running and outdoor books via my page on the site.

Bob-Graham-Round-700x700Splashmaps Bob Graham Round Map – the indestructible fabric SplashMap is designed for outdoor use. It features contours, the OS national grid, walking and riding trails, clearly designated and numbered roads and water bodies. I worked with the company on the design of this map, which is from their extensive range of wearable maps. Available as a neck Toob.

OFFER: 10% discount available on ALL of the waterproof
indestructible fabric maps/products from SplashMaps.

Enter discount code/coupon steve8 when ordering at

Bob Graham Round map [PDF] – this map is included within the book and is freely copiable. The map data is from the OpenStreetMap project and is released under an ODBL licence.

Course details [PDF] – an incomplete list of course details. The information is compiled from various sources, including Studmarks on the Summits, and the FRA website. It covers the main races that were established early in the history of the sport. The last column shows a calculation of the number of feet of ascent per mile, a very rough indicator of severity of courses (obviously biaised towards shorter courses). This shows Grasmere, Burnsall and Wansfell as potentially the toughest with their 600 feet per mile of ascent. The tow lowest scorers are the two Skylines, at Withins and Chew Valley, with 143 and 154 feet/mile respectively. Course records can be found on the FRA website by going to – the book contains the course records at the time of going to press (summer 2013).

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