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BLOG TOUR for ‘All or nothing at all: the life of Billy Bland’

Over the three days before the book’s publication there is an ‘All or nothing at all’ Blog Tour. Visit the blogs via the links below to find out more about the book and it’s author, and also more about it’s subject and the content of the book. Two blogs will be released on each day of the tour.

On Mon 17 August there are two stops on the tour:

Having seen an advance copy, Paul Foster [@longrunuk] takes us through the process, asking me about the idea, research and writing, and then publication and promotion. It gives a unique insight the stages that I went through to produce this book. See: https://www.longrun.co.uk/articles/all-or-nothing-at-all

Dave Middlemas [@meanwoodrambler] has lived in Borrowdale and takes a look at the changes that in the book Billy Bland highlights that have happened in Borrowdale during his life, which has all been spent living in that valley. See: https://meanwoodrambler.com/?p=4242

On Tue 18 August there are two stops on the tour:

In an instructive piece on his blog, Ed Price highlights what a critical friend is, how important they can be, and how he reacted to being asked to be my critical friend for this book. See: https://medium.com/@edprice/learning-how-to-read-the-trail-8e43431d27dd

Runner and blogger Jeff McCarthy did a probing interview with me, in question and answer format, about: myself, Billy Bland and some of the things that are in the book. See: http://runeatrepeat.co.uk/steve-chilton-interview-on-billy-bland-book-and-bob-graham-round/

On Wed 19 August there are two stops on the tour:

I turned the tables on Boff Whalley and interviewed him, about: getting into fell running, discovering the BGR, and how he suddenly had Billy Bland pacing him on the last leg of his own round. See: http://boffwhalley.com/blog.php

Finally, Ben Mounsey’s blog carries a short edited extract from the book on Billy Bland’s training, what he did, and didn’t do, and some reflections from Ben. See: https://benmounsey.net/2020/08/19/all-or-nothing-at-all/

All or nothing at all’ will be published on Thursday 20th August and can be obtained from all good bookshops and online at Amazon. Look out for the live and interactive book launch, on Thursday 20 Aug at 6-30pm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WVbuEUURETE&feature=youtu.be

About the book

All or nothing at all: the life of Billy Bland. Sandstone Press. Format: Hardback. ISBN: 9781913207229. Publication Date: 20/08/2020 RRP: £19.99

All or Nothing At All is the life story of Billy Bland, fellrunner extraordinaire and holder of many records including that of the Bob Graham Round until it was broken by the foreword author of this book, Kilian Jornet. It is also the story of Borrowdale in the English Lake District, describing its people, their character and their lifestyle, into which fellrunning is unmistakably woven.

About the author

Steve Chilton is a runner and coach with considerable experience of fell running. He is a long-time member of the Fell Runners Association (FRA). He formerly worked at Middlesex University as Lead Academic Developer. He has written three other books: It’s a Hill, Get Over It; The Round: In Bob Graham’s footsteps; and Running Hard: the story of a rivalry. He has written for The Fellrunner, Compass Sport, Like the Wind and Cumbria magazines.

Launch videos: ‘The Round: in Bob Graham’s footsteps’

This first video was recorded at the London launch of ‘The Round: in Bob Graham’s footsteps’. In it I explain a little of the background to the Bob Graham Round and illustrate a recent one I supported. There are a few questions from the floor at the end. Thanks to Angus Macdonald for the recording and to Mark Long for editing. [Warning: it is over 25 minutes long]

Steve Chilton Book Launch – The Round in Bob Graham’s Footsteps from Steve Chilton on Vimeo.

vlog9The second video is from Sandstone Press, and is one of their regular video blogs announcing new publications from their extensive range. This one covers three new titles: A Petrol Scented Spring by Ajay Close, The Round by myself and Truestory by Catherine Simpson.  [For those with a short attention span the really interesting part starts at about 2 mins 10 secs in – but DO watch it all]

Book launch: the speeches

Professor Alan Durant introduced the book and the author (images of self and from book):

The second file is my speech added to some slides (thanks Mike Cambray) taken on the day:

Some photos of the informal part of the launch (thanks MikeH, Angus, and other friends):

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‘Its a hill, get over it’ is launched

Prof Alan Durant introduces the book and the author

Prof Alan Durant introduces the book and the author

During the evening a continuous loop of slides was displayed mingling images from the book with scenes from my ‘hill’ activities over the years. See the slides here.

It was a very successful launch of the book.

Thanks to Sandstone Press and Middlesex University for their contributions to the evening. Some 50 people attended, with over 30 snapping up individually signed copies of the book. After we had cracked some wine, the proceedings continued with Prof Alan Durant laying out some of the background to the book, and to the author. Then I took the stage to tell a little more about the gestation of the book. It was also a great opportunity to thank some of those who had helped on along the way.

There was an issue with the videoing of the two speeches, and only the audio track was rescueable. That will be in next posting, along with a set of photos taken of the event. Meanwhile here is a taster [quality alert] that a friend recorded of part of my speech on their phone – which is now on YouTube.

Book launch today

photo 5

The book launch takes place at Middlesex University tonight. Have been on tenterhooks as the books hadn’t arrived. So this morning there was great excitement in the office when the courier delivered copies. Here is the author proudly holding a copy freed from its packaging. After all this build-up it is nice to actually see a finished copy. I must say Sandstone Press have done a marvellous job in producing the book. Now to face the audience at the launch, and then await the first feedback and also any reviews as they appear. [NB: Kindle version is now available]

Look Inside

If you want a flavour of the book, the Amazon site now has the ‘LOOK INSIDE!‘ option activated. It is available to pre-order from there, and will be available in Waterstones and other good book shops from 19 Sept. An e-book version will be available shortly too. Details of the book launch will be available soon, as will be details of a few speaking dates and book signings. If you would like to do a review feel free to contact me.Image