Curric Vitae

A mix of my publications and presentations on work, cartography and running (since 2010).

steveI was for many years employed at Middlesex University, latterly as Lead Academic Developer within the Centre for Academic Practice Enhancement (CAPE), and was also one of the University’s Teaching Fellows. My work focused on the curriculum and how educational developments and methodologies may be applied to enhance the student learning experience. By training I am a cartographer, having originally studied at Oxford Brookes. I am currently Chair of the Society of Cartographers, having been editor of the SoC Bulletin for 25 years.

Chilton, Steve (2017)In profile: Dave Cannon”, The Fellrunner, Winter issue
Chilton, Steve and Birkinshaw, Steve (2017) “Chronic fatigue syndrome in elite athletes: four case studies”, The Fellrunner, Summer issue [PDF link]
Chilton, Steve (2017) “In profile: Malcolm Patterson”, The Fellrunner, Spring issue [PDF link]
Chilton, Steve (2017) “Running Hard: the story of a rivalry”, Sandstone Press, Dingwall [purchase from Amazon]
Chilton, Steve (2016) “In profile: Hugh Symonds”, The Fellrunner, Winter issue [PDF link]
Chilton, Steve (2016) “In profile: Jack Maitland”, The Fellrunner, Summer issue [PDF link]
Chilton, Steve (2015) “The Round: in Bob Graham’s footsteps“, Sandstone Press, Dingwall [purchase from Amazon]
Chilton, Steve (2015) “From SUC to SoC: 50 years of cartography“, Society of Cartographers Bulletin
Chilton, Steve (2015) “The dark art of coaching”, Like the Wind magazine, Issue #8 [blog]
Chilton Steve (2015) “Bob the navigator“, The Fellrunner, Spring issue [PDF]
Chilton, Steve and Kent, Alexander. J [Eds] (2014) “Cartography: A Reader“, Society of Cartographers [purchase online from SoC]
Chilton, Steve (2013) “It’s a hill, get over it“, Sandstone Press, Dingwall [blog][purchase from Amazon]
Chilton, S. (2011) “Ordnance Survey and OpenStreetMap: UK mapping is getting crowded“, Sheetlines, 91, pp.20-27
Chilton, S. (2011) “OS OpenData and Its Effect on Non-commercial Cartography“, The Cartographic Journal, vol 48 no 3, pp 183-186
Chilton S and Macdonald K (2011) “Social Media for Dissemination: Reflections on using a range of tools to disseminate events at a learning and teaching conference“, Middlesex Journal of Educational Technology (MJET)
Ramm F, Topf J, and Chilton S (2010) “OpenStreetMap: Using and Enhancing the Free Map of the World“, UIT Press, Cambridge [order from Book Depository]

Presentations (Cartography):
“Alfred Wainwright: craftsman cartographer – often imitated, never equalled”, SoC/BCS Conference, Cheltenham, 7th Sept 2016
From cartography to neocartography“, Society of Cartographers conference, Glasgow, 1st Sept 2014 [slides]
“What’s neo?”, Society of Cartographers conference, UCL, 5th Sept 2012 [slides]
Neocartography: the crowd and the cloud“, Mapping Showcase keynote, Emirates Stadium, 1st Dec 2011[blog : slides : audio]
A year in cartography“, Society of Cartographers conference, University of Plymouth, 7th Sept 2011 [blog]
OpenStreetMap: just a database, or catalyst for cartographic revolution“, State of the Map EU conference, Vienna, 15th Jul 2011
Towards an Evolutionary Model of the First Cadastral Survey of England and Wales” [with I D H Shepherd], Charles Close Society, Kingston (London), 7th May 2011
Sourcing good data“, Better Mapping II, AGI/BCS workshop, 24th Nov 2010 [slides]
Staff Carriers and Bean Counters: Unraveling the who and the why of the first 6-inch maps of England and Wales” [with I D H Shepherd], BCS, Cambridge University, 8th Sept 2010
For the people, by the People: the New Mapping Revolution“, British Library, 7th Sept 2010 [slides]
What I’d like to do with mapnik“, State of The Map conference, Girona, 11th Jul 2010 [slides]

Presentations (Learning Development):
“Captivating delivery: Enhancing online delivery to engage students” [with Alex Chapman], Inspire Me series, Middlesex University, 21st Nov 2012
“How the Educational Development Team changes things”, Spring Learning and Teaching Conference, Middlesex University, 3rd May 2012
“Learning to Learn Online”, 10th Annual Learning and Teaching Conference, Middlesex University, 29th Jun 2010 [slides]

Videos about all three of my books are available from my Amazon author’s page
BBC Radio 4 ‘Shop talk’ – – panellist on ‘Digital mapping and tracking’ programme.
BBC Radio 4 Extra ‘On the map’ – – contribution on Openstreetmap in digital mapping episode


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